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What is a Music Publisher?

Music publishers are agents for songwriters, composers, and master recording owners.

We handle the business of music on behalf of its creators, and sometimes co-own the copyrights with the creators.

In addition to working directly with individual artists, Modern Works also represents companies who own or control the copyrights in musical compositions and recordings.

We help develop catalogs of musical works with proactive, personal attention while ensuring proper licensing and collection of royalties throughout the world.

We maintain a database of works we represent so that we can grant permission to users of music, collect fees, and distribute royalties.

We negotiate contracts and collect fees directly from many sources, including advertising agencies, media production companies, and record labels.

We sell and rent sheet music via our online store.

We set up collaborations and co-writing opportunities for our songwriters.

We register works directly at collective copyright societies (such as ASCAP, BMI,  SOCAN, HFA, CMRRA, and KODA) and maintain a network of sub-publishers in order to collect performance and mechanical royalties throughout the world.

We love music and we want to see creative artists thrive!

Dan Coleman
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